Monday, October 19, 2009

Lab #14: Building Bridges

Yesterday I went and interviewed a woman in my hometown. She, who we will just call 'Ms. Jan', is a good friend of my mothers and was more then willing to let me interview her. I chose Ms. Jan because she is an older woman, married, a good deal more conservative than I am right now, and also legally blind. I wanted to get her opinion on things because of her differences, and I think I managed to do that with this video.
-Johannah Miller

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lab #10: How much?

We went around campus and asked people how much they would sell their right to vote for. Their answers were on either side of the spectrum. Some said that they would never sell their right to vote because it was too valuable while others said they would give it away for free. It was interesting looking at peoples answers because it showed how politically involved they were.
-Alex Day

Lab #18: Malcolm X

-Darren Jackson

Lab #4: Do you trust the majority of people?

While walking around the school campus, I surveyed residents on whether or not they trust the majority of people by asking them a simple question:

If you dropped $5 (five dollars) at the mall, would you trust someone to return it?

These are the results:

10 (out of 42) people said yes; that they would trust someone to return it.

32 (out of 42) people said no: that they would not trust someone to return it.

So as a percentage:
24% said that they would trust someone to return it
76% said that they would not trust someone to return it.

Most of the people who said yes, that someone would return the money, stated that as long as someone saw them drop it, then they would most likely return it.

And many of the people surveyed said that since it was five dollars, they wouldn't necessarily expect someone to return it, however, if it was one-hundred dollars, they would expect someone to return it.

The reason why I chose five dollars was because if you were to drop one dollar, it seemed highly unlikely for anyone to return it, and if it were one-hundred dollars, then it seemed rather likely for someone to return it, so I tried to find a certain amount of money that tested both a person's trust in others and whether or not someone would actually return it. Five dollars seemed to be a good amount.

-Hayden Stark