Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lab #4: Do you trust the majority of people?

While walking around the school campus, I surveyed residents on whether or not they trust the majority of people by asking them a simple question:

If you dropped $5 (five dollars) at the mall, would you trust someone to return it?

These are the results:

10 (out of 42) people said yes; that they would trust someone to return it.

32 (out of 42) people said no: that they would not trust someone to return it.

So as a percentage:
24% said that they would trust someone to return it
76% said that they would not trust someone to return it.

Most of the people who said yes, that someone would return the money, stated that as long as someone saw them drop it, then they would most likely return it.

And many of the people surveyed said that since it was five dollars, they wouldn't necessarily expect someone to return it, however, if it was one-hundred dollars, they would expect someone to return it.

The reason why I chose five dollars was because if you were to drop one dollar, it seemed highly unlikely for anyone to return it, and if it were one-hundred dollars, then it seemed rather likely for someone to return it, so I tried to find a certain amount of money that tested both a person's trust in others and whether or not someone would actually return it. Five dollars seemed to be a good amount.

-Hayden Stark


  1. Everybody's lab was well done. Loved the interview, Johanna. Haydn, the stats are great, I love averages, they really prove a point. Awsome work!
    -Ally Fion

  2. Everything in this project came together nicely. The pictures and video all really helped inforce your conclusions and it was done in a easy to understand way that you didn't have to sit here and read the artical for an hour to understand where you were going with everything so for that great job!
    Audrey Thompson

  3. i like that yours is different from the other trust labs since you didn't go with just $1 and you didn't go to the mall like everyone else did and just tape people taking your money
    -Morgan Masencup

  4. The survey was very telling. I didn't realize how little people trusted each other. -The Sheriff

  5. i like this because it's different then the other labs like this one. you actually went around and got people's actual opinions about trust instead of just dropping money at the mall. -Allegra

  6. I really like this and truly believe that people shouldn't trust others to return $5 especially after out lab at the mall.....

    Bekah B

  7. Nothing like some statistics to prove a point. You guys did some good work. I enjoyed the originality of your approach to the various labs and the analysis of your work. You guys did good work!